By: 3 February 2021
inCase legal app developer achieves 80% increase in revenue

Lavatech, the Manchester-based developer of the inCase legal app, has nearly doubled its revenue in the first six months of its financial year.

The company’s revenue has increased by 80% in that period, following the arrival of £1.5 million of private equity investment in June 2020.

Lavatech used that investment to grow from 10 to 23 employees and has a further eight positions to fill by June of this year.

The company also invested further in the inCase app by adding new features to complement the legal process in certain areas of law, particularly conveyancing.

New features included an identity checking service that uses a person’s smartphone to read the biometric chip in their passport.

The inCase legal app enables law firms to communicate with their clients efficiently and securely, ensuring in the personal injury sector that people who have suffered life changing injuries can receive the support they need.

Reflecting on Lavatech’s recent success, founder and chief executive officer Sucheet Amin, who is senior partner of Aequitas Legal and a past president of Manchester Law Society, comments: “The importance of legal tech has been drastically highlighted in the past year—suddenly many firms found themselves working from home and confronted with increasing communication challenges—an intuitive app is the perfect remedy for these obstacles.”

“We are proud to support our client firms at a challenging time to embrace innovation. Since using the app, our clients have reported huge improvements in their client user experience and instruction, as a result many have proved to become more efficient and most likely profitable.”

Lavatech has a three-year plan in place and expects to maintain its current growth trajectory over the remaining two-and-a-half years.

This includes releasing new features for inCase every six months, including video conferencing so that lawyers can speak securely with clients and record vital testimonials and evidence for legal cases.

Lavatech also aims to be the first provider of electronic transfer deeds for the property industry.