By: 16 June 2023
NHS Resolution launches e-learning module to support clinicians working within maternity services

NHS Resolution has launched its first, innovative e-learning module focused on the significant avoidable harm that can occur during the antenatal and postnatal care of mothers and their babies and is seen in the cases notified to its Early Notification Scheme.

Hosted on Learning Hub, the module, which is free to access, is designed to support clinicians working in maternity services.

The module uses three illustrative case stories to immerse learners into the antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care provided to mothers and the neonatal care provided to their babies.

Completion of this module takes approximately two-and-a-half hours and can be used as evidence of CPD hours undertaken for revalidation.

By navigating the module’s content, learners will deepen their understanding of NHS Resolution’s role within the healthcare system, develop their understanding of the law of negligence as applied to clinical claims, and explore how clinical decisions and actions can lead to avoidable harm.

Developed in collaboration with clinicians and academics from Staffordshire University and London South Bank University, the e-learning module is tailor-made for multidisciplinary teams within maternity services who are seeking innovative ways to achieve the National Maternity safety ambition.

Dr Denise Chaffer, director of safety and learning at NHS Resolution, commented: “Our unique collaboration with our academic partner has enabled us to develop this very innovative learning resource to support our aim in sharing direct learning from our EN [early notification] cases to support prevention of harm in maternity care which so significantly impacts on parents and families’ experience.

“We have jointly developed a valuable tool to support maternity staff and their colleagues in enhancing their understanding and drive improvements in safety in maternity services.

“This module offers a unique opportunity to gain direct insights from NHS Resolution, focusing on learning from harm and sharing a platform for direct learning from Early Notification cases.

“It introduces an innovative approach that takes clinicians on a comprehensive journey through a maternity case, from the incident itself to the legal process, fostering personal reflection and facilitating flexible and complimentary learning alongside face-to-face education and training.”

Sangita Bodalia, head of early notification (legal), added: “This innovative and immersive module introduces maternity colleagues to the EN scheme and focuses on the legal test for clinical negligence. It highlights the key elements that medico-legal experts will be assessing when a maternity investigation takes place.

“This may not always be front and centre when undertaking clinical practice, and this module provides a vital reminder to inform improved and best practice going forward, ensuring we are always learning from harm.”

Annette Anderson, head of early notification (clinical), said: “This is an excellent maternity module, and is something I would have liked to have been able to access when I was a student midwife, and during different stages of my midwifery career. To all clinical colleagues this is a real opportunity to enhance your clinical practice, and learn something new in relation to the Early Notification Scheme and legal process. Please do make time to access this training if you can.”

Image source: Canva