By: 20 March 2024
New podcast, AlteaTalks, to dive deep into healthcare and insurance dynamics

AlteaTalks, the new podcast from Altea, explores the hottest topics affecting the healthcare sector and its impact on the insurance community and their clients.

With over 30 years of frontline experience in healthcare insurance litigation, host Will Marshall, Altea’s head of legal and risk management, leverages his knowledge to engage in conversation with leading health and care professionals, regulators, and legal experts.

In AlteaTalks’ inaugural episode, Vicki Swanton, head of healthcare global risks at DWF, discusses the complexities of obtaining informed consent, shedding light on challenges and offering essential tips for practitioners.

Carly Matson, CEO of Altea, commented;

“AlteaTalks offers us a remarkable platform to connect directly with brokers and clients by addressing subjects that matter deeply to them,”

“Through insightful conversations with seasoned professionals who truly know their field, we aim to foster an informed and engaged community while amplifying our voice. Our focus on key issues within the health and care sector reflects our commitment to making a substantial and lasting impact on the industry and our clients.”

“We have a compelling lineup of speakers who address a diverse range of subjects, and we look forward to sharing these episodes.”


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Emma Cockings
Emma is a content editor for Claims Media. Emma is a experienced writer with a background in client-centric personal injury for a major firm. She has attended and reported on multiple brokerage events throughout her career.