By: 15 August 2013

Despite the expected negative impact of the LASPO and Enterprise Acts on the claims industry, Minster Law has reaffirmed its commitment to expanding its Employer Liability/Public Liability (EL/PL) offering.


Adam Nabozny, a senior manager at Minster Law, says that because the firm has built up extensive experience in dealing with RTA Portal claims, it is in a strong position from which it can adapt to the new EL/PL environment.


“The technical complexity of cases in this area of law, coupled with extensive changes in the Court rules and new legislation, will cause difficulties for many legal practitioners and will hinder many claimants in obtaining the access to justice that they deserve,” said Nabozny.


“From a commercial perspective there is a lot we are already doing in terms of streamlining our processes and technology, to ensure we can manage cases efficiently, whilst obtaining optimum results for our clients.'


Nabozny, who joined the Personal Injury giant in May, from Morrish Solicitors, wants Minster Law to become a market leader in the EL/PL space.


He also criticised the incoming Enterprise Act, which he says will be a significant step back for health and safety legislation in the UK, by removing the right for workers to bring actions in the civil courts against their employers for breaches of health and safety legislation, a right that has been in place for many years.


“This really waters down an employer’s responsibility to look after the safety of its employees in the workplace,” said Nabozny.


“Every year hundreds of thousands of workers are killed or injured at work. Everyone has the right to return home from work uninjured and should be free to take employers that breach health and safety rules to task. It also puts the UK in conflict with European Law. The full impact of this Act remains to be seen but Minster Law is committed to fighting for the rights of individuals injured through no fault of their own.”