By: 8 September 2014
Paul Rooney Solicitors moves into new flagship office

Paul Rooney Solicitors has moved into a new flagship office in Liverpool and begun offering an expanded range of services.

The firm has relocated to a new 324 square metre location spread over two floors on Tarleton Street in the heart of the City’s main shopping area. The new office has an open plan advice centre, where clients can talk to solicitors over a cup of coffee and a suite of offices for private consultations.

In addition to its personal injury and medical negligence claims services, the firm is also now offering advice in tenants’ disrepair claims and care home claims, as well as claims for care funding against the NHS.

The new office head, Caroline Sergeant, leads a 20-strong team. “We understand that seeing a solicitor can often be daunting,” she said.

“But we want to make people feel at ease when they come to see us. Our new base will enable us to provide the people of Liverpool with an even better service for many more years to come.”

Mark Grover, the CEO of Antony Hodari Legal Service Group, which owns Paul Rooney Solicitors said that the new premises showed the firm’s ability to meet the demands of the current legal market.

“It [also] reflects the way in which some consumers are choosing to buy their legal services,” he said. “We’re now able to offer consumers an expanded range of advice, with greater levels of service and value.”