AXA Travel Health Calculator ‘improves’ consumer choice

AXA and CEGA have launched a new travel health tool to give consumers clearer choices about travel insurance.

AXA’s Travel Health Calculator offers a quick online solution for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Users simply enter their conditions online and immediately receive a report which tells them how these could affect their travel insurance search.

The information tool then provides them with a list of brokers and insurers who specialise in providing cover which may meet their medical needs, or directs them to price comparison sites if they have less complex medical needs.

The Travel Health Calculator uses CEGA’s specialist medical screening solution, Antidote, to determine the level of ‘risk’ specifically related to each user’s medical history. It provides medical ‘thresholds’ for more than 3,000 conditions, from asthma and high blood pressure to diabetes and heart problems.

Benefits offered by the tool include access to general guidelines about buying travel insurance, such as on the importance of checking that a policy includes travel disruption cover and of updating ongoing cover in line with any health changes.

Nel Mooy, travel director at AXA Insurance, said: “As insurers, we want to help customers understand their cover options regardless of their previous or existing medical conditions. While in some scenarios certain channels such as specialist brokers or underwriters may be more appropriate than others, our aim is to empower travellers so they can find cover that is right for them. Many people see health as a barrier to finding insurance, but our new tool can help make things that much clearer.”

Angela Smith, head of propositions at CEGA, a Charles Taylor company, said: “The Travel Health Calculator offers consumers with pre-existing medical conditions a unique solution to travel insurance uncertainty—and we’re thrilled that AXA are leading the way in its implementation.”

“By providing simple and easy-to-access medical assessments, the Travel Health Calculator increases customer choice, It is testament to our constant commitment to provide innovative new ways to support insurers and their customers alike.”