By: 18 December 2019
Allianz Insurance reports on unusual claims for 2019

Allianz Insurance has revealed some of the most unusual claims it has received so far this year.

Some of the strangest claims include a repair to a damaged fallen unicorn that can usually be found on a famous London landmark.

Another claim was made after someone put a lit sparkler in a dog waste bin, which caused a nearby furniture store to completely burn down.

Allianz also received a claim following 69 vehicles becoming encased in concrete after a mishap from a neighbouring concrete mixer.

Similarly unfortunate was the case of a valet driver who cleaned a brand new £150,000 sports car, only to accelerate the vehicle into the rear of another £130,000 sports car.

Lee Watts (pictured), head of technical claims at Allianz Insurance, commented: “These cases are just a handful of examples that highlight the breadth of incidents and unfortunate claims our customers are faced with. Insurance provides people and businesses with the security of being protected, no matter how unusual the circumstances may be.”

“Throughout the year we’ve looked at improving and streamlining our claims processes to ensure it’s as easy as possible for customers to make claims in their time of need. This is something that we will continue to do in 2020.”

Allianz released a new cyber proposition last month that provides mid-corporate businesses with comprehensive cover and access to prevention support and incident response services.

The insurer also recently appointed David Richards to the role of director of IT.