By: 20 July 2021
Allianz Insurance supports new police taskforce to fight construction machinery theft

Allianz Engineering is one of the insurance companies backing the new agricultural and construction equipment (ACE) specialist police unit.

As part of the Opal, the national intelligence unit focused on serious organised acquisitive crime (SOAC) across the UK, the ACE unit will target construction plant and agricultural machinery theft.

The key message from the taskforce is that collaboration across all relevant industries are essential for unit’s success, and with several other insurers, the Construction Equipment Association (CEA) the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA), this is a real step forward in combating construction theft.

Steven Kelly, head of insurance for engineering construction and power at Allianz Insurance, said: “We are very happy to get behind this new taskforce. It is definitely a step in the right direction, and with so many different insurers with a keen interest in construction, it is a real encouraging and positive step in fighting this type of crime.”

“We look forward to working with the new unit, helping in any way we can to ensure they can get on with the job of catching these thieves.” 

The first official launch of the unit was in April this year, where it was introduced to police forces nationwide, key partners and collaborating trade associations.

The first scheduled meeting of the ACE team, manufacturers, operators, hirers and insurers will take place in September, where formal introductions will take place, and first objectives will be discussed.