By: 30 August 2023
16% rise in storm claims stoke caravan concerns

Static caravan and lodge owners in the UK have been cautioned about the growing threat of amplified storm damage due to climate change, according to Compass Insurance, a specialist provider of caravan and leisure insurance. The insurance provider noted a 16% rise in claims arising from storm damage between 2021 and 2022. 

The insurer has emphasised the importance of ensuring caravan storm readiness and comprehensive insurance coverage. Statistics from 2022 indicate that storm-related issues accounted for 32% of Compass’ static caravan claims during that period.  

On one occasion, a single storm led to the complete destruction of a static caravan, culminating in a claim of £148,590. 

Experts anticipate a potential increase in claims for storm and flood damage in the upcoming years as climate concerns grow. This underscores the significance of insurance for static caravan owners who face a greater risk of damage from extreme weather events. 

The Met Office reported that July 2023 experienced one of the wettest periods on record, accompanied by unseasonably strong winds impacting parks across the country. Winds reached speeds of up to 55mph in areas including Devon, Gwynedd, and Northumberland. 

Analysis of claims data underscored the volatile and changeable nature of UK weather. The aftermath of Storms Dudley, Eunice, and Franklin in February 2022 brought a substantial increase in claims for storm damage, surpassing a 2,000% rise compared to the previous year. 

While insurance for static caravans is not legally mandated in the UK, many caravan parks stipulate that owners must possess sufficient coverage to protect on-site property. Such coverage also ensures proper removal of the unit in case of irreparable damage. 

Karen Stacey, Managing Director of Compass, highlighted the vulnerability of static caravans to storms and floods: ““Unlike bricks and mortar holiday homes, static caravans are particularly susceptible to damage from storms or floods. Unpredictable weather events, especially flash floods caused by heavy rain on parched ground during the summer, can cause a significant amount of damage to static caravans.  

“We know caravan parks do everything they can to protect the units on their site all year round but freak storms and the damage they cause are somewhat out of their control. Caravan owners should make sure that they have adequate insurance for their unit and take the time to do regular maintenance to ensure any damage is kept to a minimum.” 

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Josie Miller
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