By: 21 August 2023
USwitch introduces “Festival Temporary Car Insurance”

In light of recent data highlighting a significant surge in driving incidents during the Glastonbury Festival, USwitch has unveiled its “Festival Temporary Car Insurance” service. The price comparison site and credit broker says new cover be arranged in just 30 seconds. 

According to a recent Freedom of Information request submitted to the Avon and Somerset Police, drink-driving incidents increased by over a third during the Glastonbury weekend held from 21 June to 25 June. The rise in incidents has raised concerns about road safety. 

In response to these alarming statistics, Uswitch, a prominent player in the car insurance sector, has unveiled its “Festival Temporary Car Insurance” service. This novel offering enables sober individuals to drive their friends’ vehicles after a festival, addressing concerns surrounding fatigue and alcohol consumption while driving back from such events. 

Worrying trends on the road

Uswitch’s initiative aligns with the concerns of survey respondents who attended UK music festivals. The survey, conducted by USwitch, revealed that a significant portion of festival-goers engage in potentially unsafe driving behaviours. Notably, 63% of respondents admitted to not waiting until they felt sober before taking the wheel after a festival.  

During the five-day festival, incidents rose by over a third. Uswitch’s data highlights cars as primary festival transportation, with 47% using personal vehicles. Many are too fatigued or drunk to drive safely afterward, underlining the need for solutions. 

Leoni Moninska, from Uswitch Temporary Car Insurance, emphasizsd the significance of this innovative solution: “We understand the unique challenges festival-goers face, where fatigue or alcohol consumption can hinder their ability to drive safely. Our new Festival Temporary Car Insurance provides a convenient solution, ensuring a safe journey home while allowing people to fully enjoy the festival season.

“Whichever festival customers are heading to this summer, we’re here with a hassle-free experience. Uswitch takes pride in being at the forefront of innovative solutions that cater to customers’ unique needs and ensure their safety on the road.”

With Uswitch’s proactive approach to promoting road safety through pioneering solutions, the insurance industry continues to adapt to evolving customer needs, contributing to a safer festival experience for all attendees. 

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