By: 27 February 2024
ITV announces four-part series on infected blood scandal

ITV has unveiled plans for a four-part series delving into the harrowing saga of the infected blood scandal. Penned by the acclaimed double BAFTA winner Peter Moffat, known for his work on the recent hit drama “Mr Bates v The Post Office,” the series aims to shed light on one of the darkest chapters in NHS history.

Des Collins, senior partner of Collins Solicitors and a key advisor to over 1500 victims and their families affected by the scandal, expressed his enthusiasm for the project. He believes Moffat’s scripts will offer a poignant portrayal of the suffering endured by those impacted, not only physically and emotionally but also due to the systemic failures and neglect by the government.

“It is great news that ITV has decided to commit budget and airtime to Peter Moffatt’s excellent scripts. We have long been approached by documentary-makers but believe this particular series will refocus public attention on the tragedy of the infected blood scandal. It will expose much of what our clients have endured, not only emotionally and health-wise but also in terms of shoddy treatment by Government, in their decades-long battle for justice during which too many lives have unnecessarily been lost.

“This series will refocus public attention on the tragedy of the infected blood scandal,” Collins stated. “It will expose the decades-long battle for justice, during which too many lives have unnecessarily been lost.”

With hopes pinned on the forthcoming government response to the inquiry’s final report in May, Collins emphasised the urgency of securing justice and compensation for the afflicted community. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” he concluded, highlighting the pressing need for accountability and closure. As the series prepares to unfold, it stands as a stark reminder of the ongoing fight for justice.


Image: Canva
Emma Cockings
Emma is a content editor for Claims Media.