By: 24 April 2024
Napo’s compassionate initiative: pet insurance for XL bullies

Napo Pet Insurance, one of the UK’s leading pet insurance start ups, is the first pet insurer in the UK to offer medical insurance cover for XL bullies.

It is in response to the government’s decision to add XL Bullies to the UK’s list of ‘banned breeds’ earlier this year. Owners of XL Bullies were given until 1 February in England and Wales, and 3 July in Scotland, to apply for an exemption certificate, or have their pet put to sleep.

Napo now offers health insurance cover to XL Bullies as long as the dog’s owner is in possession of a valid exemption certificate.

This move is Napo’s first step in their mission to offer medical cover for all pets.

CEO and founder of Napo, Jean-Philippe Doumeng, said:

“Every pet deserves healthcare, no matter the breed. We decided to create this policy after speaking to several pet parents who’ve struggled getting access to healthcare even after going through the rigorous ban exemption process.”

Rachel Rodgers, Napo’s in-house clinical animal behaviourist, who was awarded the UK’s “Outstanding Dog Behaviourist of the Year 2024”, said:

“Dogs like gorgeous Frank (pictured), who I’ve been working with through the exemption process, deserve healthcare and behaviour support. They deserve just as many opportunities as other dog breeds.”

The government’s decision to add XL Bullies to the UK’s list of banned breeds was met with mixed responses when it was announced late last year. Many argue that the law is reactive and does little to prevent dog bites, whereas educating pet owners about the importance of behavioural training and preventative care is a better solution.

Emma Cockings
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