By: 10 June 2024
How can awards bolster your business goals?

Setting dedicated business goals related to trend predictions within the insurance and brokerage industries is the ideal way to stay on top of the ever-evolving landscape and future-proof your business. However, how beneficial are these goals if nobody gets to see them? The Broker Innovation Awards are designed to showcase achievements within the insurance and brokerage industry on a national platform.

With a category to fit every business aim,  free entries and a guaranteed evening of quality networking, there’s no reason not to take advantage.

Browse the top trends in the sector and find out how you can bolster your achievements in these areas with the help of specifically designed awards categories from the Broker Innovation Awards.


Digital transformation and AI integration

The insurance industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by digital technology and artificial intelligence (AI). Insurers are increasingly leveraging AI to enhance underwriting processes, claims management, and customer service.

Predictive analytics and machine learning models are being used to assess risk more accurately, detect fraud, and provide personalised insurance solutions. This trend is not just about adopting new technologies but also about integrating them seamlessly into existing operations to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The namesake Broker Innovation Award is the ideal accolade for insurance brokers, MGAs, and InsurTech companies that have introduced innovative practices and technologies. Companies at the forefront of transforming the insurance industry will benefit hugely from this recognition, showcasing themselves as frontrunners as the insurance industry digitalises.

The Best Use of Technology category is another opportunity for businesses to evidence their ability to innovate. Designed for the in-house tech developers and those working in partnership with tech companies, the Best Use of Technology is a title that showcases your ability to broaden your horizons and digitalise your business. From AI to big data technology, this award recognises the best of the best.

In a similar vein, the Digital Initiative of the Year is designed to showcase the best initiatives that are improving the offerings of insurers and brokers. From upskilling workforces to improving customer service, gaining recognition for digital initiatives shows clientele that you’re serious about future-proofing your business and staying at the forefront of the industry.


ESG and sustainable insurance

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations are becoming central to the insurance industry. Insurers are developing products that support sustainable practices and help mitigate climate-related risks.

This includes offering green insurance products, investing in renewable energy projects, and adopting sustainable business practices. The focus on ESG is not only about compliance but also about tapping into new market opportunities and enhancing brand reputation.

The prime award to take home for the socially conscious business is the Best ESG Campaign at the Broker Innovation Awards.

Winning the Best ESG Campaign offers a host of benefits for insurance brokers, MGAs, and InsurTechs. The award will elevate your organisation’s reputation and brand image by showcasing its commitment to environmental, social, and governance principles, setting it apart from competitors.

This recognition can attract socially conscious clients, investors, and partners, fostering new business opportunities and enhancing long-term sustainability. Winning the award can also boost employee morale and engagement, driving higher retention rates and productivity, making it the perfect award for bolstering an already thriving business who look to retain their talent.



With the increasing frequency of cyberattacks, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for insurers. The demand for cyber insurance is rising as businesses seek protection against data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other cyber threats.

Insurers are also investing in cybersecurity measures to protect their own operations and ensure the safety of their clients’ data. This trend highlights the need for robust risk assessment models and comprehensive coverage plans.

Winning the Cyber Risk Award at the Broker Innovation Awards holds significant appeal for insurance brokers, MGAs, and InsurTechs as it acknowledges the company’s specific, valuable, and innovative contributions to success in cyber risk management. This recognition not only enhances the company’s reputation but also distinguishes it as a leader in the field, attracting clients seeking comprehensive and cutting-edge cyber solutions.


Health and wellness programmes

Health and wellness programmes are gaining traction as insurers recognise the benefits of promoting healthy lifestyles among their clients. By offering incentives for healthy behaviours and integrating wellness programs into health insurance plans, insurers can reduce claims and improve overall health outcomes.

This trend is also supported by the growing use of wearable technology and health apps that provide real-time data on physical activity, diet, and other health metrics.

The best award for showcasing a dedication to health and wellness in the industry is Best Employer. Evidencing your dedication to your staff’s wellbeing shows integrity and care, which translates into the business’ care for their clients.

The award signifies a commitment to fostering a supportive work environment with ample opportunities for professional growth and advancement, potentially contributing to the creation of jobs within the community.


These categories are just a drop in the ocean of the offering from the Broker Innovation Awards. With key opportunities available to showcase individuals and companies alike, the event promises an evening of celebration and inspiration for the sector.

The Broker Innovation Awards are open for entries until 12 July.

Image: Broker Innovation Awards.
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