By: 8 April 2013

Express Solicitors has predicted that injured parties will see a 25% reduction rate in their compensation payouts as a result of the new Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (LASPO).


The firm has produced an infographic to help people understand the truth behind the law change, and how it will affect future claims. The infographic explains a typical case study, showing what claimants would gain before the change, and what they will gain under the new law.


As solicitors can no longer recover their costs and offer 100% of the compensation gained from a successful case, the new law in force means that injured parties could lose out over £1,300 under the new law. Despite a rise in compensation amounts by 10%, the law change will still see people losing out on money, says the firm.


“In any case, people are still able to apply for no win, no fee, it just works differently,” said James Maxey, of Express Solicitors. “Claimants will not be expected to pay any fees up front; their fees will be deducted from compensation gained; if they gain no compensation then fees will not have to be paid to the solicitor. It’s a similar concept, no win, no fee is still available. The new law just means 100% compensation isn’t available anymore.”