By: 16 September 2013

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) and the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) have signed a partnership agreement to help NHS trusts that fail to meet national standards of quality and safety.


Under the deal, CQC will act as the quality regulator and the TDA will take on a role to push improvements in care. Together, the organisations expect to share better better, speed up the problem identification and reduce duplication.


The agreement will also involve the two bodies advising on the quality of care provided by NHS Trusts; holding to account trusts that do not meet national standards; and building effective systems for how information about the quality of care in NHS trusts is shared.


David Behan, chief executive of the Care Quality Commission said that the partnership would allow patients to receive high quality care.


“By working closely with the TDA, we will be able to develop a shared view on NHS trusts applying to become Foundation trusts and we’ll be able to respond to the public’s concerns in a more coordinated manner," he said.


“We will be completely open in our relationship with the TDA. This includes sharing any risks or concerns about the quality of care or leadership of any hospital or service. First and foremost, our priority will always be patients and their families.”


The partnership agreement is available on CQC’s and the TDA’s websites and it will be reviewed annually.