By: 4 October 2013

A London motorcyclist, who was injured in 2008 when a car pulled out in front of her, has settled her Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) case for £1.4 million.


Nerys Pearce, who was represented by Andrew Campbell of Bikelawyer Motorcycle Accident Solicitors, had the case settled for £1.9m on a full liability basis, the UK’s highest awarded in such a claim, but got £1.4m after agreeing contributory negligence.


Miss Pearce's initially modest injuries led to the onset of CRPS, which has left her wheelchair reliant since 2009. Her claim for her deteriorating condition resulted in her becoming the subject of covert surveillance by the Defendant’s insurance company for four years to rule out any exaggeration.


Commenting on the case, her solicitor, Andrew Campbell, said “This was a heavily contested and difficult case but I am delighted with the outcome which will enable my client to have a future free of financial concern.”