By: 4 October 2013

First4lawyers has launched a £10m advertising campaign, which will see a 30-second advert broadcast over 400 times a day across various TV stations.


Created and produced by Big Communications, the commercial shows a successful claimant receiving a cheque before celebrating with TV presenter Andrew Castle and a cheering crowd.


Chris Rodgers, head of business development at Huddersfield-based First4lawyers, said the advertising campaign reflected the claims management company's (CMC) status as a major player in the personal injury (PI) market. As part of its marketing collective, the company has a panel of over 30 PI firms and is looking to increase those numbers.


He also said that the advert focuses on the emotion of achieving justice and "realising the fight for this has been worthwhile".


"It’s a step away from the conventional, clichéd and downbeat industry adverts that highlight injury and places more focus on our own brand and values," he said.

Rodgers said it was appropriate that First4lawyers should be trailblazer in this respect, as much about the organisation already distinguished it from competitors.


“We have a zero-tolerance policy to fraud, for example, exhaustively monitoring new claims and filtering potentially suspect ones in-depth, training our staff on the triggers and constantly seeking new indicators of criminality.


“We’re also about to launch a unique disbursement funding deal for the clinical negligence market with a business partner, which could avoid many firms having to close, due to lack of funding, and addresses a major issue of the moment.


“In addition, we believe we have one of the most compliant and transparent panel schemes in the market, developed with the help of Frank Maher, of Liverpool-based solicitors Legal Risk, a leading QC specialising in compliance, and Yorkshire law firm Gordons, and have consulted extensively with our regulators as we aim to achieve best practice standards and demonstrate that we exceed industry requirements.”