By: 14 November 2013

Premex Services has launched an online system designed to improve medical appointment attendance.


Called Client Vu, the tool allows injured parties to confirm, cancel or rearrange their appointments, through a sophisticated web user interface. Claimants are also alerted about their forthcoming appointments through a combination of email and text message alerts.


Clients will be told about Client Vu through their initial appointment letter, in which they receive details of their authentication code to enter into the system. Premex says the system provides a range of alternative options and delivers flexibility where and when appointments can take place.


Mike Cutler, managing director of Premex Services said that the software would give additional support to injured parties in the claims process.


"It is in the interest of all stakeholders to ensure that medical appointments are kept, and Client Vu helps individuals manage their medical appointment in a method that is most convenient to them," he said.