By: 19 December 2013

A personal injury lawyer has teamed up with a claims management company (CMC) and a marketing firm to create a new ABS, which has the long-term aim of selling marketing services to a range of professionals.


As reported by Legal Futures, Robert Rocker, the solicitor behind RSR Law, has entered into the venture with PinnacleOne and Rocker has worked with the latter before, which is a sister company of the former.


The new ABS, still named RSR Law will now have three directors, with Rocker operating as its head of legal practice, finance and administration.


Speaking to Legal Futures, Rocker said that teaming up made far more sense than attempting to pay for an monitor marketing from an external source and that it opened up future business opportunities.


“The idea in the long run is to do marketing for other types of professional, like accountants or whatever. But that’s a future thing; at the moment we’re just concentrating on bringing in work for this practice,” said Rocker.