By: 27 March 2014

Fletchers Solicitors has created a specialist team to handle serious medical negligence cases.


The catastrophic medical negligence gold team, as it will be called, will specialise in cases such as birth injuries and amputations caused by medical errors. It will be managed by Jeanette Aspinall, department head of medical negligence at Fletchers and run by former JMW senior clinical negligence lawyer Sue Taylor, ex-Armstrongs solicitor Emma Jordon, and James Bridgeman, who already worked for Fletchers.


Taylor has over 14 years’ experience and will be responsible for overseeing the list of clients seeking expert legal support, as well as case planning and risk assessment. Jordon, who has also worked at Silverbeck Rymer, will be responsible for all aspects of the day to day management of cases, ensuring all parties involved work to maximise the clients' recovery and quality of life.


Bridgeman will be involved in the day-to-day running of cases and will act as the main point of contact for clients.


Ed Fletcher, CEO of Fletchers Solicitors, was reported on Bdaily, as saying that the firm had recognised a need for a dedicated catastrophic medical negligence team, following a significant increase in the number of cases it was receiving in the area.


"We know what is needed to deal with serious injury cases, and that is a committed team of specialists," he said. "Fletchers has always had a great reputation and a high level of experience in dealing with high value cases, and this sub team is an extension of that."