By: 23 May 2014

Sue Nash, the new chair of the Association of Costs Lawyers (ACL), says that she wants to use her tenure to guarantee a strong future for cost lawyers.


Nash, who runs her own full-service costs firm alongside a costs software business, took over as chair in April from Murray Heining and has said that she expects costs lawyers to form an integral part of litigation teams in the next five years.


She said that although the Jackson reforms had changed the role of the costs lawyer, the profession had all the core skills it needed to adapt.


“I am beyond excited about the future for the ACL and the costs profession," she said.


"Costs lawyers have an unrivalled opportunity to capitalise upon their expertise in legal project and legal practice management, costs auditing, WIP valuation and costs ADR, amongst other things, to ensure their future.


"The profession has developed greatly in recent times and Costs Lawyers will, I believe, become an integral part of litigation teams in the near future as solicitors, barristers and Costs Lawyers work together to progress proceedings in an efficient and proportionate manner.”


Nash has also announced plans to create a student council, mirroring the ACL's one; the expansion of the its education programme; and the setting up regional costs groups to better represent members across the UK.


“My tenure will be all about guaranteeing a strong future for the costs profession," she added.


"The opportunities are great if the profession responds now. Our role will be to ensure that costs lawyers and those entering the profession have the tools to thrive.”