By: 29 September 2014
CRIF launches new claims data platform for insurers

CRIF Decision Solutions has launched a new software tool which it says will provide the insurance industry with “swift, simple access” to a full suite of data enriched solutions supporting underwriting, claims and fraud management strategies.

Called Decision Hub, the new software integrates real time data, software and analytics optimising risk management to give insurers a comprehensive view of their customers.

The platform will also be the gateway to new CRIF services currently under development and will encourage different stakeholders to interact and exchange data and information.

To use Decision Hub, insurers will only need access to the internet with no investment in a technology interface being required. This will also mean that users can access the platform from any location with internet availability.

Sara Costantini, Director at CRIF Decision Solutions (pictured), said that insurers were increasingly being challenged to differentiate their services by delivering exceptional customer service with increasing speed and that the platform would help them to do so.

“Access to information drives the ability to accurately price risks, appropriately resolve claims and dynamically prevent fraud,” she said.

“We wanted to innovate and give our customers the ability to arm themselves with the right information and rapidly, to support profitable business retention and growth. We are excited by the opportunities the Decision Hub represents for our clients and by our plans to expand the suite of services available via this one stop shop concept.”