By: 12 September 2014

First4Lawyers has announced that a number of large firms have returned to its panel after struggling to market themselves in the fiercely competitive Personal Injury market.

Chris Rodgers, the business development head at First4Lawyers, said that firms were returning to the collective marketing company because they had found that they could not break into the dominant upper echelon of PI advertisers following the introduction of the referral fee ban.

“The margin from standard RTA portal cases under the revised 2013 levels simply does not allow for it,” he said.

“People are still having accidents, and Google recently revealed that people in the UK make a staggering 2 million searches for legal terms every day. Personal injury is one of the most expensive search terms on Google and even good-sized firms find it hard to compete.

“Only by joining forces with other like-minded firms can they go head-to-head with the biggest names in the PI world to produce leads through television and online marketing,” he added.

First4Lawyers’ opened its panel for the first time earlier this year in a bid to grow further and help firms that might otherwise be muscled out of the market because they lack marketing power.