By: 17 June 2015
Scope Technologies launches claims management platform

International insurance telematics provider Scope Technology has unveiled what it calls “pioneering” new features for its claims support process, with supposed groundbreaking technology that will help insurers tackle the widespread problem of fraudulent whiplash claims.

Scope Technology has developed an innovative telematics offering for the global insurance industry to help monitor vehicle safety, and analyse relevant data in the event of a crash.

Using patented crash-related algorithms, Scope is able to determine the vehicle impact zone, angle and severity of each impact. By mapping this against a huge bank of crash data, research on physical injury and neural network models, Scope say they can gauge the likelihood of physical injuries. The technology could greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the claims handling process for the insurer. In addition, the newly improved system, which transmits vehicle information and accident analysis to a central platform in real-time, will enable faster medical attention for drivers in cases of genuine injury.

The improved platform is targeted at usage-based insurance carriers (UBIs). UBI is a new initiative in the insurance industry whereby the insurance carrier utilises driving behaviour and vehicle usage patterns to determine the insured’s risk & associated premium.

Commenting on the announcement, Monty Nussbaum, chief executive of Scope Technology said: “There is a considerable gap in the current market, and the process around claims support is an area in which UBI carriers across the globe are not effectively served. These features will strengthen our existing offering, and ensure our customers have access to the most advanced claims support technology on the market. The improved platform should also save money for both insurers, and ultimately, their customers.”