By: 17 September 2015
3.9 million people have had a child injured on their property due to use of trampolines and bouncy castles in the last 12 months

New research from Direct Line has revealed that 3.9 million UK adults have had a child injure themselves on their property in the last 12 months after playing on a trampoline or a bouncy castle.

The insurer has also found that 59% of people are unaware that they can be sued by the parent of child injured on their property.

Direct Line says that it has handled claims ranging from £20,000 to £100,000 for children getting injured on bouncy castles, trampolines and rope swings.

The most common cause of injuries are bouncy castles and trampolines which have led to almost one in 10 cases of child injuries. This is followed by slides (7%) and climbing frames and trees (6%).

While many parents would blame the adult for poor supervision, the research shows that this in fact may not play a big part in preventing injuries. In four out of five cases, children were under supervision when the incident occurred, whereas in only 16% of situations children were unsupervised.

Direct Line’s research has also shown that in one in five injuries to children involved six year olds, making this the most injurious age. This is followed by five year olds and seven year olds, both accounting for 14% of incidents

Katie Lomas, head of Direct Line home insurance, said that adults supervising children at home needed to know that injuries to children could cost them thousands in legal fees.