By: 20 October 2015
MedCo picks first two companies to accredit medical experts

MedCo has chosen the first two companies who will accredit medical experts from 1 January next year.

Bond Solon and Docslot will certify experts who write reports for low value soft tissue injuries. Litigation Futures has reported that MedCo estimates that the training would take up to 35 hours.

Bond Solon, owned by Wilmington, is a legal training and information company based in London. Docslot is an IT company which provides technology and training to doctors, physiotherapists and nurses.

Litigation Futures has revealed that Docslot is a wholly-owned subsidiary of an IT company called Smart Online Ltd, a private company with two shareholders – Dr Bippon Vinayak, chairman and chief executive of the Doctors Chambers Group, and Dr Anne King, the group’s chief medical officer.

A spokeswoman for MedCo told Litigation Futures that there was no limit on the number of accreditation providers, and any new company wishing to apply should contact the portal.