By: 4 November 2015
MedCo implements minimum service standards for medical experts and non-national MROs

MedCo has implemented minimum service standards for medical experts and non-national MROs.

The standards, which must be met with immediate effect, have been brought in after MedCo’s directors were informed that some solicitors are not receiving consistent and reasonable standards of service from all registered providers of medical reports.

Failure to meet the minimum service standards will result in enforcement action and potential suspension from the MedCo system

MedCo said that there would be no change to the requirements placed one high volume national MROs, who would continue to be bound by their own minimum standards and service levels.

As part of the new standards, medical experts and smaller MROs will have to provide acknowledgement of an initial instruction within 24 hours of receiving it and will have to provide an appointment date within 14 days. Appropriate clinics must be no further than 30 miles from a claimant’s home or place of work and a report must be sent through within 14 days of an appointment.

Further details can be found here.