By: 9 November 2015
Zebra LC launches Personal Injury knowledge share hub

Due diligence specialist Zebra LC has launched a specialist personal injury expert hub designed to help professionals in the sector to grow and improve their businesses.

Run through the company’s new technical development and risk outsourcing arm, ZebraTD, the hub combines the expertise of a number of high profile leaders in the PI sector, who will sit on its advisory board. It will focus on supporting the practices of personal injury including catastrophic injury, industrial disease and clinical negligence.

The board will also actively support ZebraTD at strategic thought leadership level and will publish regular trend reports to the online hub and also the wider sector. This will include reviewing live sector issues as well as discussing risk trends seen via ZebraLC’s audit and due diligence data.

Practitioners that join the bespoke online and on demand knowledge share group will be able to access trend data and collaborate with both Zebra’s technical consultants, members of the board and other like minded practitioners.

The members of the board are Vicki Acres (Chair), head of technical and risk outsourcing at ZebraLC and ZebraTD; Professor Dominic Regan; costs commentator and trainer; Tracey Graham, director of industrial disease and multi-track at Your Legal Friend; Chris Fry, partner at Unity Law and Fusion Law; Claire Green from Claire Green Legal Services; Terry Lee a consultant for Wollen Michelmore and ZebraLC; Kevin Latham, a barrister at Kings Chambers; Andrew Twambley, CEO of InjuryLawyers4U; and Cathie Delaney, a clinical negligence technical specialist at ZebraLC.

Acres said that the hub was very fortunate to have such a wealth of expertise to draw upon.

“Any client operating in the injury sector will be interested in what we have to say. There are huge challenges facing the legal sector and we hope that our offering will enable them to identify value and opportunities in their own caseloads in their own practices to become more successful. That’s our aim, to help businesses in the injury sector become more profitable,” she said.

Zoe Holland, managing director of ZebraL, said that the ZebraTD approach was to offer a safe, go-to online portal for practitioners: “It is our aim to concentrate on improving technical excellence, productivity, efficiency and fee earning capability to increase profit.

“What we want to do is to encourage as many practitioners as possible to join in, share knowledge and to assist each other, not as rivals but to strengthen their own position in the marketplace. All practitioners in the injury sector are welcome to join. Corporate members and associated industry businesses are also welcome to join,” added Holland.