By: 18 January 2016
North Wales health board could pay out £90million in clinical negligence claims over next two years

It has emerged that the North Wales health board may have to pay out close to £90million in claims over the next two years.

News North Wales has reported that a report to this week’s meeting of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, by director of corporate services, Chris Wright, reveals that there are currently 790 claims against the board, with 670 for clinical negligence and 120 for personal injury.

82 of the clinical negligence claims have been classed as “certain”, with a total of sum of £64.9m involved in damages and legal costs. 37 claims are categorised as “probable”, with a total sum of £24.9m involved, the largest individual amount again being £8.7m for a birth injury.

Nine of the claims are valued at over £1m, the largest individual sum being £9.6m in a case where brain injury was caused due to a delay in delivery. The west, central, and east areas of the Board each has one claim with an estimated settlement of over £1m.

One clinical negligence case involved a patient who fell at home but X-rays showed no fracture of her knee, despite her being unable to stand up. However, she was eventually found to have a fractured femur, which was only discovered four weeks later. Following the incident, doctors in A&E departments were sent a memo reminding them to examine the hips of all patients who fall and who cannot bear weight.

19 of the personal injury claims are classed as “certain”, with a total value of £1,075,103, Another 12 claims are classed as “probable”, with a value of £310,725.