By: 5 January 2016
Over a quarter of drivers want to use a smartphone app to make their claims

New research commissioned by etouch solutions has found that more than one in four drivers would be happy to use a smartphone app to report and make insurance claims.

The research, conducted by Consumer Intelligence, discovered that 26% of respondents would definitely use an app and that another 41% would think about doing so if it was offered by their insurer.

However, only three per cent of drivers are aware that their current insurer provides an app.

The survey also revealed that 90% of motorists use the phone to make claims but just 20% have no concerns about making claims this way. Concerns highlighted about using the phone included 56% of respondents saying that they would be put off by having to call a foreign call centre, while 47% are worried about being put on hold.

Claimants are generally satisfied with their service from insurers with 70% saying that it was good or excellent, but just 50% are clear on the information they have to record following an accident.

David McKane, technical director of etouch solutions said: “Apps are part of everyday life for millions of us and it makes sense that they would be popular for reporting insurance claims.

“Although motor claims is recognised as a distress purchase, the research suggests motorists’ support for apps to report motor claims is strong. However the apps have to be relevant and useful or people will simply uninstall them.

“Insurers already do a good job in processing claims but apps would help them further enhance their service and reduce costs as well as helping motorists make claims more efficiently.”