By: 8 April 2016
mmadigital to challenge CMCs with new PI marketing collective

Digital marketing agency mmadigital has set up a new “no frills” marketing collective for the PI legal sector.

The company says that the new not-for-profit venture will see a number of UK law firms pool their marketing budgets and generate high quality leads directly from TV and online advertising, without having to pay expensive fees to major Claims Management Companies. The collective will work under several different brands which are yet to be announced.

mmadigital says that it will secure a yearly eight figure marketing budget from participating firms at a time when firms wishing to stay in the Personal Injury sector will need to find a more cost-effective route to market.

Dez Derry, CEO of mmadigital (pictured), has said that the collective’s marketing strategy will see it take significant market share from CMCs, making it “difficult” for them to produce leads for their panel firms at current prices.

“This difficulty will only increase once the full details of the government changes are announced. mmadigital is a privately owned business that doesn’t answer to City investors to produce ever increasing profits. Profit margins in PI are being squeezed and law firms need a marketing resource which provides value for money in a consistent and compliant manner, at a cost which is reasonable and not greedy,” he said.

“Law firms who are currently generating enquiries direct from the internet will also struggle to compete on their own as pay-per-click visibility is reduced and prices increase. Our data accumulated over five years shows us we can generate an exceptional amount of quality personal injury leads per month for a monthly investment that challenges others in the market.”