By: 20 April 2016
Saga reveals crazy caravan claims after spending over half a million on repairs in 2015

Saga has revealed that it spent more than half a million pounds fixing customer’s caravans last year which included claims for losing control of a blowtorch, runaway wheelie bins and a loo looter.

One over-50 policyholder put in a £7,000 claims after a thief stole the fridge and toilet from his caravan which was kept in a storage unit over the winter. Another received £2,000 in damages after their neighbour damaged their caravan’s paintwork with a blowtorch that was being used to kill some stubborn weeds.

A third policyholder parked his caravan on his drive for the evening so he could clean it the following day. However, when he woke up he discovered a runaway wheelie bin had crashed into his motor home multiple times causing more than £4,000 worth of damage.

Other unusual claims that Saga has dealt with have involved a caravan being tipped over by strong winds, hailstones denting bodywork and a pheasant causing nearly £2,000 worth of damage.

Roger Ramsden, chief executive, Saga Services, said: “Last year we were clearing up after Kamikaze pigeons, this year we’ve been fixing damage caused by runaway wheelie bins. It’s fair to say that owning a caravan and holidaying in one is more adventurous for some than others.”