By: 23 May 2016
Multiple registered MROs to be removed from MedCo

The MedCo board has said that it expects all “multiple registered” non-high volume national (HVN) MROs will be removed from MedCo when the Ministry of Justice implements its new policy on multiple registrations and the new definition of an MRO.

It has also said that not only will the non-HVN MROs be made non-operational, but they will also not be refunded their registration fees.

The board has warned individuals or companies currently considering making multiple applications, prior to the implementation of the new MoJ policy, to take “particular note of this notification”.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that MedCo has suspended 45 users since going live due to concerns over their behaviour.

The reasons for the suspensions include attempts to manipulate the system’s search function and efforts.

A spokeswoman for MedCo said that users who appeared to have manipulated the search function were being investigated.

“Attempts to bypass the random allocation of medical experts and [medical reporting organisations]constitute a serious breach of the authorised user agreement and a number of the worst offenders have been suspended until they have been able to satisfactorily demonstrate that their behaviour has changed,” said the spokeswoman.