By: 13 July 2016
60% of people suffer financially as a result of personal injury, finds National Accident Helpline

New research released by National Accident Helpline has found that 60% of people have suffered financially as a result of personal injury.

The claims management company has published its findings against a backdrop of Government plans to raise the small claims limit and remove the right to compensation for pain and suffering in soft-tissue injuries. It has said that it wants to gain a better measure of the real cost of personal injury to an individual.

It has also discovered that 35% of those surveyed for its study who have suffered a personal injury have had to take more than a month of work or other essential commitments, while 30% admit a loss of earnings and 22% saw their losses total more than £10,000. In addition, one in five had to look for ways to save money, and more than one in ten admitted that they got into debt.

The report also shows how personal injury sufferers used the settlement money if they had made a claim, with the results dispelling the myth that it is for personal gain, according to National Accident Helpline.

More than a third of those who claimed or intend to claim plan to use their compensation to replace lost earnings and three in ten said it was to cover the cost of rehab and medication, while 21% said they would pay off debts.

The research has also exposed the extent of the emotional suffering and stress following an injury or accident. Half admitted they were anxious about how long they would take to recover, and 20% were worried they would not be able to pay their household bills.

Feelings of anger are common, with almost half feeling angry and frustrated with the person or company who caused their accident, and 54% left feeling their injury could have been avoided.

Simon Trott, managing director of National Accident Helpline said: “We know from our daily conversations with injured people just how much a personal injury can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from the financial cost from loss of earnings and medical bills, to the emotional stress on an individual and their family. The aftermath of an accident can be a hugely overwhelming time.

“Using our research, we will continue to work to ensure that people with legitimate cases are supported to get their lives back on track, and secure the justice they deserve. We want to make sure the voices of personal injury victims aren’t lost amongst the criticism of a perceived claims culture.”