By: 15 July 2016
Laird Expert unveils “swiss-army-knife” smart report management system

Laird Expert has unveiled a new “swiss-army-knife” smart case management system, designed to speed up the processing of personal injury claims.

Called SwiftCase, the system links up with other management systems to immediate assign instructions to appropriate experts for a claim, whether that be a motor engineer in London, a Spanish translator in Leeds, or a medical photographer in Newcastle.

The system also talks to data providers such as the DVLA and Audatex as well as accountancy systems Sage and Xero.

Solicitors dealing with Road Traffic Accident claims will now be able to benefit from initial advice from the roadside on vehicle’s status, such as roadworthiness and whether or not a vehicle is repairable or a total loss.

Laird Expert managing director, Nik Ellis said: “There was no system on the market that encompasses everything that we wanted to achieve and that we knew was possible with the technology available today. We have spent over a year developing and evolving this system.

“It’s already proving to be exceptionally faster than anything we’ve had before and it will only become better as we develop it further.”

IT manager David Neil added: “The developers have worked closely with the front line team to produce a unique swiss-army-knife smart case management system which certainly leaps Laird ahead of the competition in terms of technological capability”.