By: 2 August 2016
Animals caused more than £500,000 worth of damage to over 50s vehicles last year

Animals are disrupting the daily journeys of motorists aged over 50, with more than £500,000 worth of damage being made to their vehicles last year, according Saga Car Insurance.

Saga’s claims data has shown that a number of different animals have caused motorists to have to seek a claim for the harm they have caused.

One Saga customer apparently parked her car in a car park to go for a long walk only to find that a herd of cows had licked the paintwork off her car causing more than £6,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.

Another policyholder went to leave work at the end of the day and spotted some crows pecking at his retractable roof. The crows damaged all the seals around the roof causing more than £1,000 worth of damage.

Other motorists have had trouble with deer, pheasants and horses.

Sue Green, head of Saga Car Insurance, said: “It seems animal antics can affect motorists at any time even when we are doing the most routine things. These customers seem to have taken it all in their stride and have been able to see the funny side of how unpredictable the animal kingdom can be.”