By: 24 September 2016
One in ten affected by a life-changing injury

Almost one in ten people say that they – or someone they know – has suffered a life-changing injury, according to a recent survey carried out by National Accident Helpline.

The claims management company said that the survey showed that life-changing injuries affect more of us than we might expect.

It also found that 29% of people who had suffered a serious injury were now registered disabled, while over one in five had had to leave their job. Nearly half (46%) had been forced to make lifestyle changes. Gender was revealed to be a factor, with men 15% more likely to have been affected by a life-changing injury.

Two-fifths of respondents said that they believed the injury could have been avoided.

Beth Powell, marketing director at National Accident Helpline, said: “These results show just how significant and far-reaching the effects of serious injuries are.”

“More people than you might think are affected by life-changing injuries and it’s vital we make sure they are able to access the services and support they need to help them back on to their feet after an accident.”

 The Life-Changing Injury Survey builds upon data collected by the company’s major Real Cost of Personal Injury Report, earlier this year, which revealed the extent of the issues suffered by those who have sustained a personal injury.

These issues ranged from fears and concerns to significant financial losses and life-changing career consequences.

Of those who lost earnings, over one in five (22%) lost £10,000 or more, and over a third (35%) had to take more than a month off work or other essential commitments.