By: 15 March 2019
360Globalnet rolls out digital claims platform upgrades

Insurtech company 360Globalnet has launched a new version of its digital claims platform, 360Siteview.

360Siteview, a self-configurable platform for insurers and all other participants to a claim, has been upgraded to offer faster appointment booking, UK motor damage estimates, smarter forms, improved customer communication tools, management tools, and an improved handler user experience.

360Globalnet launched a digital subsidence claims process in February, after it secured contracts with several UK insurers.

“Insurance customers are demanding faster, personalised and self-service claims from their phone, tablet and laptop and the choice of talking to an empathetic claims handler whenever they need,” said Paul Stanley, chief executive officer of 360Globalnet.

“Insurers require improved service at much lower operational cost where the cost of claims themselves is controlled together with anti-fraud technology built in. 360Globalnet has a continuing programme of development and innovation to enhance 360Siteview and preserve its market edge.”

The 360Siteview upgrades include:

  • From any mobile device, any participant to a claim can now choose a convenient appointment time from available slots at repairers and other supply chain partners
  • Customers already upload photo and video evidence to show vehicle damage. 360Siteview now feeds data for the algorithms to applications such as Audatex (in the UK), Enterprise Network Intelligence, and others. Customers can click on exploding diagrams to register the location and severity of vehicle damage
  • Claims handlers and policyholder are able to both work on the same item at the same time. The use of forms for internal process steps also allows instant scripting and deployment for contact centre agents
  • Customers can now be sent pre-event email and SMS links to give them a digital channel to report losses without the need to call their insurer
  • Members of staff can be profiled by skill and experience so claims go straight to the right people for faster action
  • The home screen has been improved, making it easier for claims handlers to see every aspect of a claim