Inzura partners with dash cam maker to develop integrated telematics

UK insurtech company Inzura and MiTAC Digital Technology (MDT) Corporation are partnering to deliver an integrated telematics dash cam solution for motor insurers.

The combination of Inzura’s telematics app and MDT’s Mio dash cam will bypass user intervention and provide access to accident video files and instant first notification of loss to insurers.

Inzura co-founder and chief executive officer Richard Jelbert commented: “Working with MDT is a hugely exciting opportunity as they are fully engaged with us to deliver innovative solutions into the global insurance market. Our app-based telematics solution can now seamlessly manage the Mio dash cam and video files without the need for a separate app. It is an industry first and good for customers and insurers.”

The integrated solution will deliver several additional benefits, including a reduction in the cost of the dash cam because the device will no longer require a SIM card or yearly contract.

Insurers will also gain access to a suite of data that includes second-by-second driver behaviour leading up to an accident. The accident video file is automatically uploaded to the insurer and can be supported by additional smartphone images taken at the scene by the policyholder.

MTC and Inzura said the product is available now, with the first customer set to launch next month.

Inzura is working with existing customers and insurers in Europe and Asia planning their own dash cam launches throughout 2019.

Steve Chang, president of MDT, commented: “This is a significant breakthrough for our company. We are delighted to have this opportunity to co-work with Inzura and introduce our dash cam solution to the motor insurance industry. I believe this is only the first step in this region and we are confident of our future success in this region and beyond.”