By: 30 April 2019
Keoghs and LV= prosecute fraudsters targeting elderly drivers

Keoghs and LV= have successfully prosecuted the fraudsters behind a crash-for-cash scam that targeted elderly drivers as old as 102.

So far, £55,000 in costs and damages has been recovered from the fraudsters, who sought to exploit older drivers by inducing a series of minor collisions in supermarket car parks.

Keoghs and LV=’s research and investigations discovered 23 connected ‘accidents’ involving defendant policyholders aged 60 to 90, the oldest being 102, where another vehicle hit theirs at low-speed in a supermarket car park or while pulling away from the roadside.

All of the incidents occurred within a one mile radius in Rochdale, with consistency in solicitor, motor engineer and credit hire company. The same hire car also featured on a number of occasions.

Several cases were subsequently taken to trial in Manchester, with courts awarding indemnity costs of £35,000 and £25,000 in exemplary damages. More are due to go to trial over the next few months.

Sarah Moat, deputy director of fraud rings at Keoghs, expressed her delight with the results, saying: “It is sadly plain that fraudsters have no qualms in targeting potentially vulnerable road users. The robust defence of these claims by Keoghs and LV= should send a very clear message to anyone orchestrating that they will not be tolerated.”

Matt Crabtree, linked and organised fraud manager at LV=, said: “This is a great result for LV= and proof that intelligence-driven investigations are key to defeating organised crime gangs. Working with Keoghs we were able to uncover those preying on potentially vulnerable customers and bring them to justice.”

“Awards of exemplary damages sound a decisive warning that fraud doesn’t pay, as we will always pursue the strongest possible financial and criminal sanctions when confronted with fraudulent claims.”