Millstream adopts CEGA medical screening tool

Millstream Underwriting is offering the automated medical screening tool of CEGA to its commercial and retail travel customers.

The tool, Antidote, enables customers to self-declare pre-existing medical conditions via question sets and is supported by technology that recognises a range of medical conditions.

Assistance, risk and claims management provider CEGA said it’s currently engaged in implementing and integrating the tool into Millstream’s existing systems.

Millstream is part of the Nexus Group and specialises in tailoring accident and health insurance solutions for commercial and retail customers in the UK and elsewhere.

CEGA head of proposition development Angela Smith said she expects Antidote to pave the way for enhanced policy renewals and sales through “measurable algorithmic outputs and consistency in underwriting outcomes. Crucially, it also offers ownership of customer data.”

Tim Brangwyn, managing director of Millstream, said of the partnership: “We chose Antidote for its ability to provide a simple, fast and customer-centric medical screening process; enabled by straightforward questions and easy, well-supported technology. Its versatility also allows us to meet the needs of our clients who need a more tailored screening solution.”