CNA Hardy enhances cyber proposition

Commercial insurer CNA Hardy has upgraded its cyber offering with a new pre-breach service and additional coverages.

Cyber policyholders now have protection against impersonation fraud, “which is one of the biggest exposures facing businesses today because it preys on the human weaknesses and mistakes”, according to CNA Hardy head of cyber David Legassick.

CNA Hardy has also partnered with cyber security company GamaSec for pre-breach services.

Legassick said: “Our new pre-breach partner, GamaSec, will ensure that policyholders are able to protect their business from cyber threats. Our focus is on proactive loss prevention and minimising the exposures that our policyholders face, instead of just risk mitigation.”

Avi Bartov, founder and chief executive officer of GamaSec, said: “GamaSec is a pre-breach tool designed to prevent cyber attacks. We use cutting edge virtual hacker technology to identify and eradicate dangerous malware threats and website application vulnerabilities. We are proud to be working with CNA Hardy, their cyber policyholders can access GamaSec for no additional charge. It’s easy to use and there’s no coding or software to install.”

GamaSec joins a strong suite of pre-breach partner services already available through CNA Hardy’s cyber policy, including penetration testing and cyber security analysis and education.

Breach assistance and post-breach response partner services are also available, including forensic investigators, legal services, crisis management and PR expertise, and credit checking.