By: 22 May 2019
New dashcam app to revolutionise post-accident procedure

After-accident specialist, Auto Logistic Solutions (ALS), has launched a fully integrated dashcam app that not only protects drivers, but could also increase revenue and customer satisfaction and therefore retention for insurance brokers.

The 4Sight dashcam app is available on both Android and Apple devices and is unique in the fact that, in the event of an accident, the driver’s phone will automatically notify the 4Sight support centre, providing instant vital video footage. Within seconds a team member will call the driver to guide them through the post-accident process or, if necessary, alert the emergency services that help is required.

In addition to offering drivers support post-accident, the app will also provide insurance brokers with the opportunity to offer a unique add-on service and increase commission revenue from future repairs or vehicle hire. ALS offers a share in any revenue garnered from broker-referred subscriptions, as well as unique log in access to the app meaning all future repair work can therefore be steered back to the brokers bodyshop of choice. In effect, there are two revenue opportunities for a broker introducer – initial subscription revenue from any customers that download the 4Sight app and subscribe to its service and then secondary accident-related commission revenue.

Kyle Harris, managing director at Auto Logistic Solutions, said: “We have handled thousands of incidents over the years. Industry stats suggest that 40 per cent of all claims are disputed, usually on liability issues. It is therefore no surprise that dashcam usage has soared over the past five years. However, our vast experience tells us that time between accident and the notification is crucial, not only to the person involved of course, but also in terms of both customer retention and maximising revenue opportunities.

“We therefore concluded that the only way to solve these problems was to create a product that provided not only vital video footage, but also an automatic alert to a response centre. Instant access to an accident notification allows immediate assessment of the clients/drivers needs and requirements, and provides evidence with which to establish liability.

“Additionally, good quality third party information, regarding vehicle damage including photographic evidence, for example, is vital to brokers and those that they then hand the case on to such as bodyshops or dealers. Being the first to know an incident has occurred puts the broker in the driving position. They can be the first in line to make contact with their customer to offer their support, thus controlling the allocation of any repair work required to rectify the damage caused by the accident or the opportunity to sell a replacement vehicle should the car need to be taken off the road. This, in addition to revenue gained from referred subscriptions to the app could prove hugely beneficial to brokers across the UK.”

In the competitive world of insurance brokering, client retention has long been a major issue. By offering the 4Sight Dash Cam App as part of a robust client care package brokers can help to differentiate themselves from competitors, secure commissions on follow-up services and garner customer loyalty for years after the App has been introduced.

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