By: 28 June 2019
AX identifies new hide and crash scam

Motor fraudsters are using a new tactic to trap unsuspecting drivers in crash-for-cash scams, according to AX.

The ‘hide and crash’ scam sees a fraudster hiding in a driver’s blind-spot before quickly moving in front and slamming on their brakes.

Automotive anti-fraud experts at AX, which rebranded earlier this year, identified the hide and crash scam as part of an examination of the most common tactics used by fraudsters to induce accidents and make bogus insurance claims.

The hide and crash scam was noticed when AX detected several suspicious claims displaying near identical characteristics.

“This new tactic is a dangerous progression of the existing ‘slam on’ approach,” explained Neil Thomas, director of investigative services at AX. “Criminals can take cover in a driver’s blind spot, wait for the ideal moment, then accelerate and move into their pathway before slamming on the brakes.”

Other trends saw flash for crash crop-up regularly as well as the long-established roundabout ‘slam on’.

Thomas added: “Detecting new methods deployed by gangs is notoriously difficult and without video evidence, it is often difficult to prove who was really at fault. Intelligence-sharing amongst insurers and the authorities can help, nevertheless drivers should always be vigilant. Collectively, we can minimise the impact of these increasingly sophisticated criminals.”