By: 9 June 2019
DAC Beachcroft launches virtual crisis room

DAC Beachcroft has enhanced its breach response services with the launch of the DACB Situation Room, a secure, virtual crisis room that enables businesses that have suffered a cyber attack or a data breach to communicate and share information confidentially.

Developed in partnership with British technology firm Pushfor, the DACB Situation Room combines secure instant messaging and document sharing, within a confidential and privileged environment.

“Following a cyber incident, businesses often face the challenge of relying on the very systems that have been compromised or disrupted to coordinate and communicate their response,” explained Hans Allnutt, partner and head of cyber and data risk at DAC Beachcroft. “Using this innovative content-sharing platform, we can overcome this challenge by creating a highly secure, virtual crisis room for a client’s incident team that sits outside its compromised infrastructure.”

A key feature of the DACB Situation Room is that no information is actually sent but is projected onto a recipient’s device, so removing the risk of further data leakage. It also protects against screenshots and downloads.

The DACB Situation Room can also be used in other time-critical situations, such as dawn raids, where a secure communications environment is needed for the client to be protected by confidentiality.

“Having responded to hundreds of cyber incidents and data breaches, we’ve seen the challenges that our clients must overcome to prevent a crisis from becoming a disaster,” Allnutt added. “We know that a successful response hinges on effective internal communications and information sharing. The DACB Situation Room provides us with a state-of-the-art capability to protect our clients against further risk and reputational damage.”