By: 4 July 2019
BLM partners with LSE to create new AI insurance tool

Law firm BLM has launched a suite of online analytics, case management and communications tools for insurers and corporate clients.

Foresight, the flagship tool of the BLM Innovations suite, is a new artificial intelligence (AI) system, developed in conjunction with the London School of Economics (LSE).

The tool considers the strength of evidence on either side of a case to predict the fault in a claim by supporting claims handlers in reaching earlier settlements, using explainable AI to simulate human decision-making.

Foresight does not require a large amount of historical data to provide outputs, according to BLM. Instead, it simulates a claims handler weighing up different combinations of facts and evidence, such as the reliability of a witness, and delivers high-quality decisions regardless of the experience of the user.

It has initially been developed to assess liability of certain scenarios in motor claims, but it is scalable and adaptable for other types of claims, with the firm now developing a property recoveries Foresight tool.

Foresight is one of seven tools in the suite. Others include Pathfinder, which helps to forecast possible outcomes at trial, and Searchlight, a business intelligence tool that gives both insurers and corporate clients access to live data, such as claims spend, reserves, accident cause, location and injury analyses.

BLM Innovations also comprises Realtime, an online portal offering live access to case data, financial information and legal documents; Forum, a digital conferencing tool connecting everyone involved in a case; Collaborate, a virtual legal environment bespoke for each client; and Smartcase, which brings together collaboration tools, quantum management software, document management and risk analysis to deliver better and faster outcomes in large personal injury cases.

Adrian Spencer, director of business services and improvement and leader of the firm’s analytics steering committee, said: “Our clients always want to know how we can improve their outcomes and help with their business challenges. The expertise and experience of our in-house analytics team and the partnership with LSE mean we’ve been able to create truly cutting edge technology that will help our clients and our own lawyers to work in a smarter way.”

BLM senior partner Matthew Harrington added: “We are really proud of BLM Innovations. Our tools have been a long time in the making. We wanted to be confident about the potentially transformative impact they could have for our clients, and the claims they handle, before we took them to market.”

“We’ve brought together analytics, IT and business improvement experts, along with partners throughout the firm to help create BLM Innovations and we are excited to see how our suite of tools will continue to evolve in the future.”