By: 24 August 2019
Weightmans uncovers dishonesty of ‘injured’ hiker

Law firm Weightmans has secured a fundamental dishonesty ruling against a woman who went mountain hiking following her alleged injury.

Nusrat Sadiq submitted an insurance claim for various injuries, losses and expenses in excess of £40,000, following a car accident in September 2014.

Complaints made at numerous GP appointments differed from the ones described at the hospital and during the medical expert examination.

Weightmans, representing insurer Ageas, then commenced an investigation into the claimant.

This led to Weightmans’s intelligence team uncovering photographs on Sadiq’s social media of her mountain hiking and taking part in zip-wire activities.

Following the investigation, the judge found that the claimant had been fundamentally dishonest, stating that her evidence had been “absurdly dishonest in places”.

The claim was subsequently dismissed and Sadiq was ordered to pay £9,500 to cover Ageas’s legal costs.

Associate Tracy Kielty, who led the Weghtmans investigation, said: “This was a prime example of how a straightforward claim, which we hadn’t originally disputed, can have serious consequences for a claimant who exaggerates or fabricates their injuries.”

“We have a fantastic intelligence team working with great technology to ensure all claims are settled fairly, and evidence is gathered in a compliant and safe way.”

“We are pleased to have secured this outcome for our client and the wider industry, and hopefully this sends a message of how seriously this kind of dishonesty is taken by the courts.”