By: 19 September 2019
Eviid joins Guidewire PartnerConnect

Evidential video technology provider eviid has joined the Guidewire PartnerConnect programme as a solution partner.

Warrington-based eviid offers insurance companies enterprise-scalable video solutions for use across the entire claims process.

As a Guidewire partner, eviid will produce a plug-and-play add-on for Guidewire ClaimCenter, which will be available to client insurers for integration into their claims management processes.

“Our industry-leading video handling capability enables insurance professionals and consumers to authenticate and share securely evidential video material; revamping the gathering, distribution, and assessment of case-critical evidence,” said John Ridd, chief executive officer at eviid. 

“Integration with Guidewire’s ClaimCenter will enable safe and compliant sharing for claims management across the enterprise and wider supply chain.”

“We are pleased to welcome eviid as our latest Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner,” added Neil Betteridge, vice president strategy at Guidewire Software.

“With eviid’s planned Ready for Guidewire add-on, our mutual insurance customers will have available to them a tamper-evident video platform that can validate video and photo media, as well as being confident that they have a full and accurate visual evidential view of the claim.”

The Guidewire PartnerConnect programme is a network of select companies that provide consulting services and solutions to enhance, extend, and complement the capabilities of Guidewire products.

Solution partners include InsurPay, Verisk and Octo Telematics.