By: 2 January 2020
HCML appoints three clinicians as case managers

HCML has bolstered its team of specialist case managers with three clinicians who are experts in managing life-changing catastrophic injuries.

Bob Butler is a paediatric and clinical negligence specialist who pioneered the UK’s first children’s residential rehabilitation service at the famous Children’s Trust Tadworth in 1990, where he was lead clinician.

A registered nurse and specialist rehabilitation case manager, he has helped hundreds of children, young people and families over 30 years, treating and developing pathways for acquired, birth-related and traumatic brain injuries.

Registered nurse Andrew Pettey joins as an expert in complex care packages for patients who are paraplegic, tetraplegic, ventilator-dependent and living with tracheostomy and PEG tubes, and in managing emergency tracheostomy change or ventilator failure.

A qualified clinician with more than 25 years of experience, he was responsible, at Pertemps Network Health, for severe spinal and brain injured clients needing 24-hour care. He also worked in the pioneering transplant team at Addenbrookes Hospital.

Lauren Paikin is a physiotherapist specialising in brain and spinal cord injury who has worked for 20 years in complex neurological and orthopaedic trauma and rehabilitation in both hospital and inpatient settings, while managing multi-disciplinary rehabilitation teams.

She was allied health chair for the South African Spinal Cord Association where she presented research and she has published articles in medical journals.

She is active in developing rehabilitation pathways for stroke, brain injury and spinal cord injury, as well as outcomes data and measurement in rehabilitation service delivery.

Butler said: “After many years in senior management I wanted to return to frontline care. I’m delighted to join HCML where the client’s needs and wishes are embedded in its professional quality care culture and where clients get not one rehabilitation case manager but access to a network of professionals and diverse clinical expertise.”

“I’m proud to have helped develop Tadworth to be an outstanding centre of excellence and my new aim is to help make HCML the children’s catastrophic case management company of choice.”

Pettey said: “I’ve worked hard over two decades to break down barriers for my patients and help them maximise their independence. I’ve helped one quadriplegic client to complete his university degree, another to climb the 02, and many to take trips abroad.”

“HCML is a forward-thinking company with an extensive team of highly experienced professionals with the same goal, to make a difference. I am proud to be part of an expanding branch of case management.”

HCML chief executive Keith Bushnell added: “Our policy of attracting the most reputable specialists in different clinical fields has led to our huge case-load.”

“I am delighted to welcome these gifted and dedicated individuals who will help people in our care get the right treatment and the right support at the right time.”

Pictured: Keith Bushnell, Andrew Pettey, Lauren Paikin, Ian Waters and Bob Butler