By: 24 January 2020
Pool Re Solutions appoints head of risk management

Chris Medhurst-Cocksworth has joined Pool Re Solutions as head of risk management.

He will lead risk management services offered by Pool Re‘s new specialist unit, which was formed late last year to share risk awareness, modelling and management information and best practice with member insurers and their policyholders.

With more than 20 years of experience managing, coordinating and delivering risk management solutions both at corporate and national level, Medhurst-Cocksworth most recently spent three years at Marsh Risk Consulting as risk partner and head of business development.

He previously served with the British Armed Forces in a variety of roles, including the development and coordination of planning for complex and challenging strategic crises, counter-terrorism operations and CBRN, and operated in hostile environments across the globe.

The division that Medhurst-Cocksworth is overseeing, Pool Re Solutions, is made up of three teams, with the risk awareness group providing analysis, intelligence and expertise on all aspects of terrorism threats, using a broad range of data from sources such as the Global Terrorism Database.

The risk modelling team advances its work in developing sophisticated terrorism modelling tools and techniques that can underpin better pricing and greater deployment of capacity into terrorism insurance and reinsurance.

The risk management team of Pool Re Solutions, meanwhile, a key facilitator of terrorism risk management information and techniques, links government agencies, academia, risk professionals and the insurance industry to ensure knowledge and best practice is widely recognised and shared.